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An Epic Fantasy - Complete at 118, 000 words
Convinced to rethink her xenophobic ways by a gentle healer she'd believed cowardly, a visionary leader reconciles warring tribes, frees them from brutal alien conquerors, and leads them off their dying planet to a new home.
What judges are saying about Windborne.
  • The world view from the first person narrator was great.  That view carried a lot of impact, and she’s an appealing person.  Essential in a first person narrator.





    Wallflower 2009

  •  Wish I could give more points!  This author is so greatly talented.

    Southern Heat 2009

  • I thought this was a creative, engaging story told in a voice that was sophisticated, yet well-suited to the young narrator. A smooth storytelling voice with strong and evocative word choices.

  • The characters were so well-drawn. I felt connected to each of them and definitely wanted to keep reading.

    Where the Magic Begins Contest 2009

  • The author met the challenge of bringing a reader into a new world with skill and real narrative punch. 

  • Okay, I’ll own up, I didn’t want to like your story. The reason, 1st person. It’s really hardfor me to read. I feel more like someone is dictating events to me than I’m reading a story. That said, I did get sucked in because of the story line. Then I read the synopsis. That’s when you truly hooked me. I totally understand that this is Nasim’s story and you want to stay in her POV. The problem is I’ve always liked to know what others in the story are thinking as well, and that’s difficult in 1st person.  But, as I said, your synopsis sold me, and I would read the whole book if I were holding it. Good luck.

    Sandy Contest 2009